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Why We Need WINGS:Map of Oregon

Upon turning 18, young people who were in foster care “age out,” meaning they no longer qualify for housing in Oregon’s foster homes. Twenty-five percent of kids aging out will experience homelessness. Thirty percent of the kids in homeless shelters in Portland were in foster care. Of the 4,000 young people who will age out of foster care this year, half will not have a plan to get a job and find housing.

In Hood River and Wasco Counties alone, 60 young men have been identified by various local agencies as being at risk for long-term failure. A number of them will “age out” without a plan for independence. In 2007, 175 young men aged 18 to 23 were on food stamps. Most of these young men have no direction, no job, no place to live and no future. Some will not graduate, or will quit school. Most are without stable housing and are “couch surfing” to survive. These numbers do not begin to take into account all of the young men in their early twenties who have “failed to launch,” who are directionless and “lost.” The Mid-Columbia region needs WINGS to help these young men become assets to our community, not liabilities.

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WINGS…Work, housing, education & support for homelss 18-23 year old young men & women from the Gorge.